Don Purpurino

In the San Antón Square it is the so called statue of "Mr. Purpurino", as it was also called at the city of Valladolid from where it comes. The 19th of August of 1949 a sculpture of smelting settled in the Valladolid square of Golden Source, to which was given the nickname of Don Purpurino, " becouse to have had the unhappy idea to paint it with purpurina (purple paint) ", according to Juan Agapito Revilla in his book Architecture and urbanism of the old Valladolid. This figure came from the palace of House Pombo, old civil government, and in 1953 it was given to Tamariz de Campos, through his mayor, due to the critics and jokes that the Valladolid people made of the image. The statue represents perhaps a mail or roman god, with a parchment coiled in the left hand and a torch in the right.

Don Purpurino and other monuments of Tamariz

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